Build Better Customer Databases with 123FormBuilder for Shopify

Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica

We are glad to announce we’ve extended our Shopify capabilities. With over +1,000,000 active users, Shopify is definitely the place to be for online store building.

What does the app do for your business

123FormBuilder – Shopify Customers integration is useful for collecting specific data about your store visitors through form submissions. When a potential customer enters their data on your storefront (or any other page), their information is automatically stored within Shopify, in the Customers tab.

This means you can easily gather any type of data you want about each customer and then further filter it in your CRM, based on specific tags. Once a customer is tagged after a field selection, you can group customers by unique tags. Like this, customer profile will hold no more secrets and you can leverage it in your future marketing tactics.

Good to know! The app works with any platform the form is submitted on and it is not confined to your Shopify store website!

How the app works

Add the app from your 123FormBuilder account Settings, in the Application section. Connect the account to your Shopify store. At this point, it will ask for an update on Permissions.

Once connected, you need to click on Customize to map the form fields with the Shopify Customers fields.

Now, whenever the form is submitted by a visitor on any of your store pages, the information is sent to the Customers section in your Shopify account.

Note: If the email submitted in the form already exists in your Customers list, the application will not update/add to the customer profile. Get in touch with us if you need the Update functionality or have other use cases you want to address. Enter your suggestion in the Comments section below or email our Support team (mail).

As always, 123FormBuilder helps you to better understand your potential e-shop fans by providing a way to gather their preferences. Amazing them with personalized email communications will be a piece of cake. So start building your own unique customer preferences questionnaire!



Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica 123FormBuilder

Cristina is a Content Writer for 123FormBuilder. She helps the company communicate the product through blog posts, landing pages, brochures, infographics, and email marketing messages. She's always eager to learn new skills, so when she's not writing she's brushing up on UX Design principles or flirting with photography.

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