How to Improve Customer Experience with CRM and Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Irrespective of your type of business, you definitely know that it’s quite challenging to be a step ahead of your competitors. At any time, your potential customers can choose a different company than yours. Of course, there could be so many reasons why they do this, but one of the most common causes is a poor customer experience. This is why prioritizing your CX strategy will help overcome obstacles where customers are concerned.

As we all know, businesses involve a form of customer relationship management system (CRM). Customer experience is a sensitive element that can make or break your business and that’s why is very important to use an effective CRM solution. A CRM app helps any business owner have a more comprehensive view of his customers, leads and simplifies employees’ interactions with them.

Web forms and CRMs – tools to get an overall image of customer experience

There are many types of CRM systems.They help you get the overall image of customer experience. Plus, they make it easier for employees to shorten  lead cycle for getting competitive advantage. Perhaps one of the first things that a CRM does is to help you analyze buying patterns easier and faster.

It’s the starting point for an accurate customer segmentation, so you can make the best of all the sales opportunities. As a business owner, it’s extremely important to know which customers bring you more profit because you can adapt your offers to various customer categories. This way, you will save time and will be able to offer better targeted offers, maximizing per-customer profit.

CRMs also help you teams work more efficiently. Dealing with complex database can be overwhelming, so your team won’t be able to focus on customers as it should be. But a CRM software simplifies everything. For example, your employees from the customer support department won’t have to continue with the same general scripted responses. On the contrary, they will be able to give more appropriate answers even to unusual questions. In other words, there will be no or less friction between your employees and customers.

CRM apps facilitate the communication between customers and vendors and offer multiple benefits for marketing, sales and other teams, too. They also prevent inefficient processes, high customer churn and poor lead conversions, which means loss of profit.

How to improve customer experience and boost your business

We value excellent customer experience, so that’s why 123FormBuilder service has 3rd party integrations with several CRMs: SalesForce, Pipeline Deals, Zoho CRM, Top Producer and VerticalResponse. The benefits of using a CRM system wouldn’t be possible without collecting data through web forms from your potential customers and business contacts. And here’s where 123FormBuilder web form builder comes in. You can easily create any type of online form, add the CRM app you need and then share the form with your audience.

Don’t forget to customize your web forms and set your 3rd party app to match your business and to ease those complicated and time-consuming management tasks. The above mentioned 3rd party apps are great for managing and improving your relationships with your customers or potential customers. Through 123FormBuilder and one one of these apps, your CRM records are built right from your web form, in real time. As you can see, it’s easy to streamline your sales, marketing and other business processes. Great, isn’t it?

123FormBuilder has integrations with this type of apps to meet your needs and boost your productivity. All these CRM solutions provide extraordinary functionality. Below, you’ll find a brief description of them, but they can do much more than that.

SalesForce is the world’s number 1 CRM, providing great solutions for contact information, leads management and campaign administration. The 3rd party integration with SalesForce allows you to send in real time contact details from submitters to your SalesForce account. As easy as 1-2-3!

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular customer management software on the market. Zoho CRM helps you automate daily business activities, connect easier and faster with your potential customers and then track sales processes.

PipelineDeals is a tool that helps you organize your sales funnel more efficiently. It boosts your business and productivity gradually by enabling you to know the status of your deals, leads and contacts.

Our pairing with Top Producer, the most intuitive real estate customer contact management tool, helps you improve your sales pipeline. You can send all your contact details provided by your users when filling in different forms right into your Top Producer account. Thus, managing your business and coming back to your prospects is simplified.

VerticalResponse is a tool used for direct mail services and email marketing. This integration is ideal for fueling your VerticalResponse lists with  contact form entries. Depending on the provided management instructions, data collected will be added to your VerticalResponse list.

Analyze all the above mentioned integrations we have and your business needs carefully to determine which is the right CRM system for you. Let us know what other apps would be useful and you’d like to find at 123FormBuilder web form builder.

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