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by 123FormBuilder

A while ago, we covered how you can use Zapier to streamline your document merge. We are happy to let you know that when you combine 123FormBuilder with Webmerge for document generation, you can also send your documents over to Salesforce. Having the right tool for the job for data collection is invaluable, and since 123FormBuilder is a product with over ten years of experience on the market, it only felt natural to launch a dedicated product for Salesforce.

However, what about populating different documents and sending them to Salesforce? That’s why we teamed up with Webmerge through our friends at Zapier.

Once you add Webmerge into the mix, you can take the data you are collecting with the online form and populate all types of documents like quotes, contracts, invoices, PowerPoint presentations and more. To illustrate a scenario such as data collection coupled with document generation and appending that doc to Salesforce, we’re going to set up together a real live example.

We’ll start by defining the premises. For this example, we’ll want our respondents to fill out a quote form and at submit send data over to a Webmerge template, namely a quote. Finally, when the doc is populated, we’ll attach it to a preferred Salesforce record.

The essential steps for the installation of this process consist of:

Step1: Setup your Quote Form in your 123FormBuilder account. Assuming that you’ve installed the 123FormBuilder app, you can tweak your form directly from the Salesforce environment.

Step2: In your Webmerge account, we’ll need to configure the quote template by adding the necessary merge fields that look like {$FirstName}, {$Address} etc. for the spots where we want our customer’s information to go. Then, set up the delivery of our document so that the merged quote automatically will get sent to Salesforce.

Step3: Using Zapier, integrate 123FormBuilder with WebMerge.

Step 1

For our case, we’ll just quickly create a quote form in 123FormBuilder using our intuitive drag & drop editor. You can personalize your online quote form template in any way you want, without having to write a single line of code. Furthermore, you can add your logo, change the form’s theme, drag & drop additional fields, use multiple recipients, secure submissions, and more.
Afterward, you can easily share the form link with your respondents.


As a quick side note, the app works seamlessly with both Salesforce Classic and the Lightning Experience, and you will never need to leave your Salesforce environment to set up your forms. If you want to test out the core capabilities that the 123FormBuilder – Salesforce app provides you can start a trial by installing the app from the AppExchange.


Step 2

In our Webmerge account, we’ll set up our quote template with the merge fields.


Then, in the Deliver tab, we’ll add a new connection, namely our Salesforce account. Once we authenticate, we’ll tweak our integration accordingly. Webmerge uses the API Field Name identifier to send the document to the correct record inside of a Salesforce org as an attachment.

To retrieve the API Field Name of a data point in Salesforce, you’ll need to do the following steps inside of Salesforce:

Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Fields

*If you are using a custom object, you’ll need to go to: Setup > Create > Object.

Once you get here, you will see all of your fields and their corresponding field names. Simply copy the field name and paste it into your Salesforce Deliver tab.


Step 3

Now we’re ready to integrate 123FormBuilder with Webmerge using Zapier.

In short, we’ll set up a new Zap using 123FormBuilder with the New Submission as the trigger. Then, we’re going to choose WebMerge with Create Document Merge as the action.


At form submit, the document is populated with form values and then it is sent over to the Opportunity object from Salesforce, in the Notes and Attachments section.

There it is! Now you can easily generate different documents from your form submissions to simplify your paperwork process and streamline your workflow!


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