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by 123FormBuilder

So you have your form set up and you embedded it on your website. Leads start coming in quite frequently and you have a great product set up that you plan on selling. Now what? Well the first thing you want to do, preferably before you actually start receiving any leads, is make sure those leads go through a steady and well-thought sales funnel. For this purpose, we provide a variety of third-party applications you can integrate your forms with to optimize and automate your business.

A critical tool in your sales funnel is email communication. You can can automate it and segment your audience using MailChimp, for example. Any third party application you decide to use is a click away, and all you have to do is, once your form is created, simply go to Settings → Applications and hover your mouse over any application, and click the green ‘Add button’. Now you need to connect the form, with your account on the application you just selected. Most of them have basically the same connecting methods, with small differences.

In the screenshot below you will see that we have added MailChimp on our form, with an empty input field where we need to copy our MailChimp API key.

mailchimp integration 3rd party app

All you need to do now is go to your MailChimp Account Extras, and if you don’t already have your API key generated, click on Create API Key.

getting mailchimp api for integration

Once the key has been generated, just copy it into the input field on your form, click on save, and a lightbox will pop asking you to Customize your MailChimp integration.

customizing mailchimp settings for 123formbuilder

Basically, it’s asking you what to do with the lead that’s coming in, to subscribe or unsubscribe and select the list you want (yes, you should also have a list already created within your MailChimp account).

Pssst! Hint: You can combine this with rules to segment your audience according to their input in your forms, and direct specific email campaigns to each target. The entire process should take less than 2 minutes, and it connects instantly to your MailChimp account. From now on, any leads that start coming in will subscribe to your list and you can push them through your email broadcast. Other third party applications might also be useful. For example, if you require your users to upload certain files, like documents or photos, you might find great use by integrating with a Dropbox account. We also recommend that you always create a backup of anything you are building online, so Google Drive might also come in handy – specially if, let’s say, you accidentally delete the list(s) from your MailChimp account.

Integrating with Google Drive will create a spreadsheet for you and automatically save any incoming leads into that spreadsheet that you can always use later if you decide to switch autoresponders or for other purposes. Connecting to Google Drive it’s even easier and you will only need two clicks: one to add the app, and the second one to allow 123FormBuilder access to your Google Drive.

That’s it! Do you find this helpful? What applications are you interested in? Let us know in your comments below!

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