& Warehousing

Our Logistics & Warehousing workflow solution provides full automation and management of logistics order and request management from request entries to request completion and reporting. The effective transportation management solution allows additional data entry “on the go” being available on iOS and Android platforms.


Online &
Real-time monitoring

The solution enables online and real-time monitoring of the request execution progress and the employee's’ actual workload. By leveraging smart-forms the users will be able to execute full-fledged document management as well as collaborate across tasks and activities in a unified working environment, leaving accurate audit trails

Experience the power of your data, locally or on the go

  • Transport and Logistics Workflows

    Operational effectiveness is achieved by creating streamlined internal business workflows, gaining real-time visibility into orders and their statuses, and having a collaboration tool for cross departmental communication. Powerful enough to accommodate complex dependencies and implications, the workflows solution can also cover the majority of operations used throughout your TTL environments.

  • Logistics Mobile Forms

    The 123FormBuilder Mobile & Offline Application (available for iOS and Android) is designed and built with logistics and field engagement agents in mind. Virtually unlimited processes involving transport and logistics management, time slotting, warehouse and workforce management.

  • Advanced Security

    Data collection and deliverability is more secure and reliable than ever before. With advanced security features designed to protect data, in transit and at rest, enterprises handling sensitive information can rely on redundant, proactive and impenetrable security layers.

Examples of workflow applications within Transport & Logistic

  • Document workflow

    Centralize document management including discussions, related task history, automated document workflow management, and more.

  • Approval workflow

    Configure web forms and automate approval workflows for handling capital expenditure, and other approval processes.

  • HR workflow

    Bring visibility into daily HR operations, automate HR workflows for employee onboarding, administrative assistance, and more.

  • IT workflow

    Streamline IT workflows for IT support requests, access approvals, change management, and any other IT service processes.

Use Case - Making utility applications more accessible

See how large multinational manufacturing company with more than 20,000 employees accelerated order processing by moving from manually processing paper order forms to a more efficient and fully digital solution.


Case Study Government D.C. Fire Department

Learn how employees at the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department digitized workflows, generated reports and made data more accessible with forms.