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NationBuilder integration

How to connect to NationBuilder 123FormBuilder – NationBuilder customization NationBuilder Unique Identifier
Updating contacts in NationBuilder How to associate tags for form fields Error handling
How to send inputs as tags in your nation

NationBuilder is a community organizing system, offering solutions for NGOs, activists and political parties, such as signing new members and volunteers, establishing agendas and more. You can integrate 123FormBuilder online forms with your NationBuilder account and add new persons to your nation and even assign certain tags for them.

✔ Available on all plans, including Basic.

All you need to do is create an online form with the contact details you need, add the NationBuilder application and match 123FormBuilder fields with NationBuilder tags and/or fields. It’s plain easy and it doesn’t take you more than a few minutes to set it up.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to integrate the 123FormBuilder – NationBuilder application on your web form or read the following tutorial below.

Simply add the application from your 123FormBuilder account, in the Settings3rd Party Apps section of your form and follow the steps below:

A. Connecting 123FormBuilder to NationBuilder

1. Provide the subdomain of your nation in the application box and click on Customize.

2. If you are already connected to NationBuilder you will be redirected to the customization phase of the integration. If not, you will be first redirected to NationBuilder to provide your username and password.

B. Customizing your settings

Here’s how you set up your integration:

NationBuilder integration for ></a></p>
<p>1. Select a list from your nation where you want to add new people.<br />
<a name=
2. Select the Email field which represents the NationBuilder Unique Identifier. We recommend you set the field as required, in order for the integration to work properly.

3. Tick the Update information option to update contacts from your nation if a new entry has been made with an email address that already exists in your nation. Once this option is selected, you can opt to overwrite all existing tags of the current person by ticking the option below. This will delete all assigned tags until that time.

123FormBuilder NationBuilder Integration

Notes: Form fields are located on the left. When you add new fields to your form, you will find them here. You can associate tags with your form fields and you can match 123FormBuilder fields with the following NationBuilder fields. It is not mandatory for a form field to be associated with a NationBuilder field in order for tags to be picked up at submission.

4. Associate tags to your form fields. They will appear in the profile details of each new person added to your nation. Notes: You can associate form fields with the Tags field from NationBuilder. This means user input will be transferred as tags in your nation.

5. Associate 123FormBuilder fields with NationBuilder fields to complete the profile of each person.

Note: The following form fields will not appear in the Customize lightbox, even though you’ve added them: Heading, HTML Block, Social, Google Map and Image. Therefore, you can not associate them with NationBuilder fields.

<p><a name=
6. The email address associated with your 123FormBuilder account will be automatically added to this box for situations when form users encountered connectivity issues when completing your form. This option is not mandatory, so you can manually delete it at any time if you do not need it.

7. Press Save and your integration is complete. From now on, form submissions will add new people to your nation. You can access your contacts in the Control PanelPeople section of your NationBuilder account.

NationBuilder ></a></p>
<p>If you want to change some settings of the integration at a later time, simply return to the <strong>Settings</strong> → <strong>3rd Party Apps</strong> section of your form and hit <strong>Customize</strong> in the NationBuilder application box.</p>
<p><a name=

123FormBuilder – NationBuilder application available fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Note
  • Home Address – Address 1
  • Home Address – Address 2
  • Home Address – City
  • Home Address – State
  • Home Address – Country Code
  • Home Address – Zip Code
  • Home Address – Latitude
  • Home Address – Longitude
  • Billing Address – Address 1
  • Billing Address – Address 2
  • Billing Address – City
  • Billing Address – State
  • Billing Address – Country Code
  • Billing Address – Zip Code
  • Billing Address – Latitude
  • Billing Address – Longitude
  • Meetup Address – Address 1
  • Meetup Address – Address 2
  • Meetup Address – City
  • Meetup Address – State
  • Meetup Address – Country Code
  • Meetup Address – Zip Code
  • Meetup Address – Latitude
  • Meetup Address – Longitude
  • Tags
  • NGP ID
  • Catalist ID
  • VAN ID
  • NationBuilder Election ID
  • Employer
  • Occupation
  • Federal District
  • Labour Region
  • State Upper District
  • State Lower District
  • City District
  • Country District
  • Juridical District
  • School District
  • School Sub District
  • Supranational District
  • Village District
  • Fire District
  • Salesforce ID
  • CiviCRM ID
  • Linkedl ID
  • Political Force ID
  • Precincts ID
  • Support Level

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    1. Hello!

      Our current NationBuilder integration doesn’t send data to the Twitter ID field from a nation. If you want us to implement this option, feel free to request it in our suggest feature form (accessible only when logged in your 123FormBuilder account). The request will be published in our Feature Requests section where other users may view it and cast their vote.

      If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com


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