Membership Application Form
Thank you for your interest. We are honored that you've selected us for your recreational/leisure adventures.  We look forward to getting to know you and developing life-long friendships.

Membership benefits
A club website ( with immense resources to assist you in preparing for upcoming expeditions
50% off Registration Fees
Shuttling options to ease the burden of logistics
Free vinyl decal & Velcro patch with each membership ($20 value)
A team of subject matter experts what will go the extra mile to assist you with any needs related to this adventure sport

Your obligations:
$100 Membership Fee (This also covers the first year of annual dues $30)
$30 Annual Dues (Due within 30 days of each calendar year.  If your application was submitted prior to an expedition within the same calendar year, your annual dues will be required upon the next calendar year.  However, if your application was submitted before the expiration of the calendar year and no expeditions are planned within the remaining portion of said calendar year your annual dues will rollover to the following year cycle)