How to Quiz your Dragons

Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica

As an educator, you need to constantly reinvent your teaching strategy. Tech has reclaimed its place in education for some time now, overwhelming as it might be at times.

It doesn’t have to be though. Piquing your students’ interest in tech can truly be fun.

Among the digital tools every teacher should use, quizzes are certainly stars.

Why quiz

Depending on the way you customize them, your tests can become more agreeable and interactive, rather than a chore. Quizzes are a nice way to skip the interrogational tone and build a relationship with teens.

Furthermore, regular tests are the key to absorb knowledge and improve memory retention. Non-graded quizzes are the way to do just that. Students are relieved of learning anxiety when they don’t treat tests as if their life would depend on them.

When to quiz

There’s never really a bad time to quiz!

quizzes for education

Pre-testing IS a thing

Planning an e-learning course could enormously benefit from quizzes. Asking learners to take a non-graded test at the very beginning of a course is a great way to see what they already know. It is also a means to give them snippets of what it is to come. This questionnaire should permit going back on every question and it shouldn’t be done on a timer so that students feel in complete control.  

Play, Stop, Rewind

Repetition being one of the most important elements of learning, the purpose of regular tests during a course is not to test, but rather to evaluate understanding and help assimilate knowledge. This type of quizzes shouldn’t be graded either. Make them exciting, so that students will be inspired to learn more.

The final countdown

At the end of the course, a mix of quiz types should help assess the learner’s understanding of what was presented during said course: multiple choice questions, true or false options, sequencing quiz-type. It goes without saying that final examinations should be graded.

Of course, comparisons between pre-course quizzes and final ones should offer a pretty accurate image of how much was learned and of your abilities as a teacher.

Be resourceful

Use quizzes for other class activities, such as collecting student feedback, getting to know their expectations when organizing getaways, gather valuable data from parents, and so on.

How to quiz using 123FormBuilder

Our free online quiz maker allows teachers to create (and grade) custom learning games within minutes. We are proud to say that it’s a flexible and friendly tool that requires no developing skills.

quizzes for education


  • Access our quiz maker from work or home
  • Create multi-language quizzes
  • Build quiz responses based only on visual choices
  • Attach pictures or videos to your quiz
  • Add a countdown timer
  • Count only partial answers in the results, for those questions requiring more than one answer
  • Rank question importance if needed (not all questions are created equal)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks option
  • Show score and correct answers right after finishing the quiz
  • Automatically email quiz results to responders
  • Generate stats that show student improvement
  • Dare to share: if you own a blog or a social media page, share with readers your most valuable quizzes or the analysis based on them.


We have 3 suggestions for you: quiz, quiz, and quiz!


Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica 123FormBuilder

Cristina is a Content Writer for 123FormBuilder. She helps the company communicate the product through blog posts, landing pages, brochures, infographics, and email marketing messages. She's always eager to learn new skills, so when she's not writing she's brushing up on UX Design principles or flirting with photography.

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