Automate workflows with powerful Salesforce forms

Request quotes. <span>Get paid.</span>

Easy to use, drag & drop form builder

Building your forms and integrating them with Salesforce requires no coding skills. Enjoy an intuitive experience and build beautiful forms and surveys.

Full integration in the Wix world

Web-to-Anything: Capture data into any object

Collect data easily. All forms can automatically create or update records inside any of your Salesforce objects, standard and custom.

Test your students. <span>Host a contest.</span>

Dynamic prefill: Intelligent use of your data

Auto-fill forms through custom links or in real time, as the user types. Save precious time and improve accuracy in different business situations.

Selling tickets? Set limits by type and availability.

Offline forms: Efficiency without constraints

Our Android and iOS mobile apps enable users to collect data offline and to automatically sync it with Salesforce when they get back online.

Experience the power of your data
Dynamic Prefill

Object Mapping and Dynamic Prefill

Your Salesforce forms can both push information into any object and pull existing Salesforce data to prefill fields. The dynamic prefill feature enables automatic customization of forms in real time. One form can communicate simultaneously with any number of records.

Mobile and Offline Forms

Mobile & Offline Forms

The 123FormBuilder mobile & offline applications (available for iOS and Android) are designed for any type of field work, from on-site inspections in remote areas with low connectivity to lead generation at events. Enable field agents to perform their work without constraints.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security Protocols

Data collection and delivery with 123FormBuilder are highly secure and reliable. With advanced security features designed to protect data, in transit and at rest, enterprises handling sensitive information can rely on redundant, proactive security layers. HIPAA compliance protocols are also available.