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Evaluation does not always mean gathering information in order to justify what you do or to prove to anyone that what you do is a sound investment. Also, it should not necessarily be used to determine if a programme was successful or if it fell short of expectations. Instead, evaluation is a huge step an ever ongoing process to improve one’s self, training skills and of course, business. And the tool to help you in this is a trusty workshop evaluation form.

 It might be even more pressing in the case of a workshop – online or offline – a place where people go to better themselves. Be it to become better communicators, sharpen a skill they have or learn something new entirely, every participant approaches a workshop with a willing mind. Therefore knowing where you stand in this equation is critical for determining what needs improving.

What To Determine With The Workshop Evaluation Form

With the workshop evaluation form you can determine anything from beginning to end. To begin with, if you need help registering attendants, you can even use an event registration form, nice and easy! After that, it’s time to hold your workshop, and then, evaluate.

Using Likert scales you can see how participants felt about different aspects of the workshop. This can be done by measuring degrees of agreement, satisfaction, quality or importance. You can start with finding out how attendants felt about the instructor, if he was a good communicator or if he seemed knowledgeable.

After that you can assess content and structure. Find out if people thought the workshop was well organized or if subject was taught in-depth. Evaluate the length and what topics were thought to be the most relevant and useful.

Finally you can find out if participants feel like they’ve improved their skills after attending your workshop. Most importantly, you can find out if they would want to participate in a follow-up workshop and if they would be willing to recommend it to their friends or colleagues.

Other Tips For Your Workshop Evaluation Form

Information provided by attendants could be used as testimonials.
In your workshop evaluation form, ask specific questions and stop gathering interpretable data. Find out exactly what you need to better yourself down to a tee through smart data.
Share your form everywhere, on Facebook, on your blog or on your Wix website.

The template we’ve presented is a starting point, but is serves as an inspiration point to what you want to find out through your workshop evaluation form. Use it wisely and you’ll be able to master your trainer skills.

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