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Create event registration forms for free that do the job and look good. No more coding. Just sign up to 123FormBuilder and start building your registration form with drag-and-drop. You'll finish your list of attendees in no time.

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Get your guest list right.

Online registration forms take the hassle out of event management.

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No need to start from scratch

Create event registration forms and make handwritten guest lists a thing of the past with the online event registration software by 123FormBuilder that makes it easy to generate an accurate guest list, fast.

Besides, 123FormBuilder's web form builder includes built-in mobile-friendly event registration templates that speed up the signup process and let you invite guests through social media, your website or custom links. 

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Effortless event planning

With 123FormBuilder, there's no need for lots of copying and pasting or formatting tricks to make your guest list look goodAll of the information you collect from your event attendees will be formatted perfectly from the start. Nothing will get mixed up and you'll get the RSVP right, right away.

Be the most resourceful of event planners and welcome guests with a smile, knowing you have your list in order.

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Guest-friendly forms

Forget about building an overcomplicated event registration process. Save time and effort with the online event registration system by 123FormBuilder, and make things easy for your guests, too. There's no need for them to confirm attendance by phone or by email: as soon as a visitor fills out your registration form, they're on the list.

And if you need to, you can translate your event registration form in any language.

Let our free online event registration forms take care of the guest count so you can focus on more important things.

An all-in-one event registration tool

  • Event management from A to Z Is it your birthday? Time to tackle team-building? Or are you putting on a major professional conference? No matter the size and scope of your event, 123FormBuilder can handle the registration process. Besides, you can also send a post-event feedback survey to see what your guests liked and what can be improved next time.
  • Need to sell tickets online? Create event registration forms with PayPal or any other integration from our list and collect ticket or participation fees. 123FormBuilder is integrated with a variety of payment gateway integrations that you can connect to your event registration form and collect payments in a secure and easy fashion. You can also customize the payment section of your registration form to accept discount codes and calculate the total price.

    Other payment processors include Square, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Sage Pay.
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Create event registration forms for free

  • Beautify your event registration form Don't just ask guests to register. Get them excited to come by providing a customized form, filled with striking information and images. No coding skills are necessary in order to create exactly the event registration form you dream of! Choose from our 30+ event registration form themes or create a custom one to make sure your form fully matches every aspect of your event. You can also add Google Maps information to make sure everyone can arrive on time without getting stressed. Moreover, add social buttons in order for others to invite their social media friends easily.
  • Choose your fields Make event registration a breeze by just asking for basic info, or gather more details so you can create a perfect experience for your event attendees. 123FormBuilder makes it super simple to collect Name, Phone, Email and Address fields, with integrated data validation so you'll get the information you can actually use. A file upload field is also available in our editor menu, should you require this option.
  • Create dynamic forms To throw an epic event, you might need to know if people are bringing guests, what they want to eat or even what music they prefer. Use dropdown lists, single-choice or multiple-choice fields to collect these details and put on a party your guests will never forget. Or, take it to the next level and give conditional logic a try - form rules let you show specific fields according to responder choices. Moreover, with the prefill option and save & resume functionality, your guests will enjoy a more pleasant form filling experience.

Register guests from anywhere, anyhow

  • Gain a wider audience Once your event registration form is ready, you can invite people to join. Here are a few places to start:
  • Your website Embed the event registration form on your website to make registration super simple. Make sure your form matches your brand: copy your website’s style by adding your own client-side code.
  • Facebook and Twitter It's a snap to get the news out on Facebook using the 123FormBuilder application for Facebook. Set up your event registration form to tweet every time someone registers, so everybody knows who's coming
  • WordPress and Blogger Own a blog? Publish your event registration form to blog posts or pages to reach your readers.
  • Wix Sites Create an event registration form for your Wix site to ensure a seamless registration.
  • Shopify and BigCommerce If you want to run a giveaway campaign on your e-commerce website, make sure you embed a contest entry form as a popup to remind customers to register.
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Manage your guest list with ease

  • View every submission Handling a guest list doesn't have to be hard. 123FormBuilder online event registration software makes it easy, with multiple ways to view and manage registrations:
    • On your website
    • In the 123FormBuilder database
    • Export your guest list as a CSV or Excel file
    • Print your form submissions, either separately or on a single page.
  • Create automatic responses Confirmations are messages displayed to form respondents once they fill out your event registration form. Let them know that their interest was registered and what the next steps are. To do that, you can either configure an autoresponder message or redirect them to a custom Thank You page on your website.
  • Limit seats Configure your event registration form so that it will limit submissions and update the number of remaining tickets every time a visitor submits your form.
  • Sync with other platforms Build complex workflows and get the most out of your attendees’ information by using our 30+ native web app integrations (and 1.000+ more through Zapier). Send your guests’ email addresses to Google Drive or Google Calendar for better file management. Or update your email subscriber list on your MailChimp or your Salesforce leads section.
  • Get a discount If you represent a church, a school or any non-profit organization holding events, contact us to get a 20% discount (plus 15% if you choose a Yearly plan).
  • It’s that easy to become the event manager of the year!

Online event registration form templates

Select the type of online registration form that suits your needs below or browse for more in our form templates collection.

Conference Registration Form

Use this template
Conference Registration Form

You can use this conference registration form to sell tickets for your event and receive payment in PayPal.

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Event Planning Form

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Family Reunion Registration Form

As an event planner, you will surely benefit from an online form to receive event organizing requests.

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Summer Camp Registration Form

Use this template
Summer Camp Registration Form

Forget about creating your campers list on paper, use this online summer camp registration form instead.

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Start building your event registration form.