Build professional forms and surveys without coding
Creating web forms and surveys has never been easier. Use the 123FormBuilder visual form and survey tool to create any type of form or survey on the fly: contact forms, order forms, quote forms, event registration forms, surveys and more. No programming experience is required, and all data can go right to Evernote for storage and review.
Smooth payment collection solution

Key Benefits

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Mobile-friendly forms
  • Custom form design and branding
  • Easily capture internal business information or personal notes
  • 1.800+ templates to get you started
Integrate 123FormBuilder with Evernote

How about making your data work for you and automatically organizing it just the way you need? This is exactly what the 123FormBuilder & Evernote integration lets you do: create online forms & surveys and easily organize your tasks, appointments and other data, so all the data you need is exactly where you need it to be.

All the data collected from your forms and surveys automatically syncs to the Evernote business or personal notebooks you choose. By assigning custom tags to your form fields, you can add notes, organize data by topic, designate people as prospects, create reminders for appointments, store files, assign tasks and so much more!

Smooth payment collection solution

The 123FormBuilder app with Evernote enables you to

  • Automatically organize data by tags and topics
  • Keep notes, files, photos and videos synced on every device
  • Create reminders for your events and appointments
  • Assign tasks and collaborate with your team to get the work done

Your business and 123FormBuilder for Evernote

There are so many ways to use 123FormBuilder & Evernote, the only limit is your imagination. Any freelancer, business or organization can use this connection for crucial day-to-day activities:

Evernote forms for teachers

Teachers and student

Teachers and students can share assignments, create notes, organize lesson plans and class materials, create and grade portfolios, collaborate on projects, upload photos (and scan them later with Evernote’s handwriting recognition) and more

evernote forms for designers

Web designers

Web designers have an effective new option for managing tasks, receiving quote requests and keeping everything organized

Evernote forms for HR

HR departments

HR departments can easily upload and automatically manage CVs seamlessly and securely

evernote forms for photography


Photographers can track their projects and invoices, as well as upload photos and videos

evernote forms for real estate

Real estate professionals

Real estate professionals can store customer requests, make notes on maps and schedule buyer or seller interviews

evernote forms for event organization

Event organizers

Event organizers and business representatives can share notebooks for events, store documents, collect addresses, manage event invitations and re-use documents for email distribution later

Start building your form