Easy manageable financial processes and controls

Internal organisation of financial processes has never been easier and more transparent. Through automated online forms financial information is gathered and sent to the right department saving valuable resources.

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Acquiring new products, software or services is managed with ease. Informing the right people and receiving approvals can be automated thus speeding up the process.

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Gathering and reporting of internal financial information becomes transparent through the use of online accounting forms. Having all the information in one place makes it more manageable.

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By providing the decision making management with complete and structured data about company consumption, production or services you can streamline the entire planning process.

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internal financial control software


  • Analyze Offers

    Easily evaluate various offers and costs using surveys.

  • Evaluate Suppliers

    Evaluate suppliers and vendors based on predefined metrics and verify data collected with advanced reporting.

  • Analyze Requirements

    Request requirements from internal departments to better understand and analyze their needs.

  • Automated Supplier Communication

    Improve communication flow with suppliers to fast-track orders, approvals and comments.

  • Manage Vendor Performance

    Use internal surveys to keep tabs on how your vendors are performing.

  • Prevent Fraud with Encrypted Vendor Bidding

    Create secure bidding forms for vendors and extend access to the right managers.


  • Support Acquisition Deduction

    Create department-specific acquisition deduction forms with automated notifications and approval processes.

  • Approve Insertion Orders

    Simplify insertion order approval processes with custom forms that notify department managers and allow them to approve or reject the order instantly with a digital signature.

  • Support Accounting Inquiries

    Tailor accounting forms to department-specific inquiries and get instant notifications and replies from the right people.

  • Audit Appointment Notifications

    Streamline audit processes and schedule audits across departments with custom notifications.

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internal financial controls


  • Improve Financial Control

    Easily track, manage and report on financial resources and transactions with custom checklists, document uploads and digital signatures.

  • Get a Quick Paperless Overview

    Use custom forms to update income statements, cash flow statements and budget sheets throughout the fiscal year so you can automatically compile relevant overview reports when needed.

  • Improve Mobile ERP Integration

    Integrate accessible mobile forms with your ERP system and collect operational and production process indices for more efficient control over your business.

Use Case - Making utility applications more accessible

See how large multinational manufacturing company with more than 20,000 employees accelerated order processing by moving from manually processing paper order forms to a more efficient and fully digital solution.

Case Study Government D.C. Fire Department

Learn how employees at the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department digitized workflows, generated reports and made data more accessible with forms.