Efficient Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Align Marketing and Sales Efforts for optimal results.

Marketing Workflow Automation - Lead Generation Tool


Turn site visitors into new customers with appealing offers and simple lead generation forms. Thank your visitors instantly and send form data directly to any CRM.

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Sales Workflow Automation - Sales Lead Generation

Sales & Leads

Get to know your prospects. Use sales forms to set up appointments with prospects and convert leads into opportunities. Instantly assign new leads to sales team members so prospects get the information they need, quickly.

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Marketing Workflow Automation - Benefits for Marketing


  • Generate Leads

    Turn your online assets into new business opportunities by adding simple lead generation forms to your website. Easily gather visitor information and grow your contact database.

  • Grow Attendance

    Simplify event registration with custom forms, automatic responses, attendance tracking and seamless payment processing for ticket sales.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Keep your customers happy by making it easy for them to get in touch with you.

  • Get to Know Your Customers

    Create quick surveys to find out how your customers view your brand, products and services.

  • Follow Up Fast

    Use automated replies and internal notifications to follow up with every prospect.


  • Get the Facts

    Customize sales inquiry forms so you get the information you need from prospects.

  • Set Up Appointments

    Make it easy for prospects to schedule an informational call with your sales team when it’s convenient for them. Automatically book time in your sales reps’ calendars by integrating forms with the third-party apps your sales team uses.

  • Send Data Where You Need It

    Create multi-step application processes to better evaluate candidates. Implement a quiz and even request uploads of relevant samples directly within application forms.

  • Keep team Members Focused

    Easily assign new leads to sales team members to ensure complete coverage, and automatically notify reps of new opportunities.

Sales Workflow Automation - Benefits for Sales
Use Case - Enhancing Marketing Campaigns

Learn how a large European technology service provider focused on SaaS and professional services improved marketing campaign management.

Case Study Government D.C. Fire Department

See how employees at the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department digitized workflows, generated reports and made data more accessible with forms.